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Saturday, August 27, 2005

ESL, EFL, ESOL, English as a second or foreign language


English as a second language

English as a foreign language

English for speakers of other languages

And a whole bunch more confusing alphabet soup.

We have just set up a page at Bastiat Free University about ESL. While some of the free information at BFU is appropriate for ESL, most will require an advanced EFL student. If you are an EFL student, you can register at BFU for free, go take a look.

What we will do is to set up a list of online, EFL, beginning resources that fit into our colleges; Business, Human Interaction, Liberty, Theology. If there is already a good source we will just link to it. There are no plans for a full directory yet, just something helpful to ESL students.

This is a bit ahead of schedule, our time line has it starting about the middle of next year. As time allows I will expand that ESL page anyway.

If you have some ideas, just leave them in the comments area or email me directly.




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