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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Where do you belong

Alright it is quick, sloppy, and inaccurate; maybe.

This quiz is just a few questions, but it may bring forth some valuable thought.

Think about what you enjoy and what you believe. If it is a problem where you live, move. There are probably places in the world where your favorite vice is normal, or even a virtue. If you like to drive fast, don't live where they will confiscate your car for racing; go to Germany, or a similar place. If you are a pot head, go to Amsterdam rather than live in a place where a half smoked joint gives you life in jail.

There are exceptions, you may feel a need to teach the poor, or preach to the lost, or some other personal choice of sacrifice. If you have a choice, pick a place in a climate and country you enjoy. There are poor and the lost all over the world. Seek wisdom before you commit.

Root in people, not things or places.

God is only taking one thing out of this world.


We have descended from wandering tribes, only the agricultural age nailed down our feet and used our toes as roots. Guess what, that was ages ago. We are now leaving the industrial age and entering the information age, 2 ages at least. It will keep getting easier to move.

You can attend Bastiat Free University from almost anywhere.

Time to look around and decide which direction you want to explore.

Take the quiz and think about it.

Then Dream.

Then act.

Allan (Spain)

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