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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Revive Renaissance Education


Have a new page at BFU, a bit editorial and a bit rant.

I wanted to submit an article that summed up some of the reasons that Bastiat Free University is important. Bastiat U may be early, maybe by decades. The industrial age is going the way of the agricultural age, less human input, more machine. The future belongs to those that can not be replaced by a robot, or a herd of nanobots.

What will it take to avoid being a used part in the industrial age junkyard? You will need to learn how to think and act for yourself. The creators will keep creating, robots and human bots will suffer obsolescence.

One way to look forward is to revert to the past. In the renaissance creative people and businesses flurished. We need an education that will allow us to fit in with that type of culture.

Learn for yourself, travel new paths.


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