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Thursday, February 14, 2008

How To Create A College Degree Substitute

Do you want knowledge beyond a college degree but don't want to go to college?

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" - Buckminster Fuller

You do not need a college to learn, not even Bastiat Free University. This will not be an easy substitute, in fact you will work harder and learn more than I achieved at a state university.

It can be done faster, and it certainly will help you outperform most college graduates, in almost any discipline. But just because you will be better equipped and a more adaptable performer does not mean your substitute college degree will be accepted in mindless bureaucracies.

Happily mindless bureaucracies are dying along with the industrial age. What you are considering is preparing yourself for a more discerning individualistic age. We call those so equipped
The Netcohort.

Two Steps To Your College Degree Substitute
  • First you need to start your own blog. This will be the public record of your achievements and it needn't cost money, just time.
  • Second you need to decide on your course of study and find an exceptional mentor(s). You can go it alone - but a mentor can help keep you on track and add their valuable experience to your learning.
What Are The Benefits of A Substitute College Degree?

Self confidence, freedom, knowledge, adaptability, life long learning, and a host of other attributes you will acquire. What you sacrifice is a piece of paper that says so many years ago you complied with a bunch of silly regulations and you are now qualified to follow stupid orders without question.

What you gain is a website / blog that demonstrates your growth, within your field, with improved communications skills and a dazzling breadth of knowledge.

You can now start or grow your own company, work with compatriots at changing the world, or dedicate yourself to further learning.

Once you start your college degree substitute regime let us know. A bunch of folks who are dedicated to personal growth may get us to start re-issuing Bastiat Free University learning certificates or even unaccredited degrees.

After all, it will be easy to review your efforts; recognition of completion and a final assignment should be enough. Books, materials, mentor rewards, and review of your blog and learning documentation by BFU could cost less than a year in a traditional education institution, perhaps much less (use library books, etc.).

As indicated in a prior post, put a link to your student blog in your resume and your cover letter. This should impress everyone except the educational establishment, corporate bureaucrats, and state licensing bureaus. They want proof that you will easily comply with their wishes.

Or -- you can create a college degree substitute on your own.


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Anonymous Jason said...

It sounds Interesting !

I think i will have to take an admission in that college after completed from my community college where I am studying.

See You Later !


3:10 AM  

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