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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Architecture and Society and Unrest


One of the central precepts for Bastiat Free University is that we are leaving the industrial age.

Most of the concepts that were enabled by massive institutions have become unwieldy and counter productive, and in many instances harmful to those ensnared in their grasp.

Colleges are just one of the problems, but one we are trying to address at BFU. Our largest communications problem is fixed ideas. We run counter to many long held beliefs as we emphasize learning and the future over trading years of your life for job prospects.

Bastiat Free University has a campus that is only accessed by internet. BFU has no physical presence, so why would we be interested in architecture?

Architecture is art, and leads as well as follows society. This wonderful article by Jacqui and Craig ties together connections quite well explaining the effects of industrial age buildings on their inhabitants.

Industrial age education is just as stiflingly and just as harmful to those subjected to it. New forms, goals, and processes need to be employed. It is not just a question of brick and mortar versus distance learning; the whole of education needs to be redesigned to emphasize the needs of the individual over society's goal of mechanical control of citizens.

We are not parts of a machine, we just have been increasingly treated that way for a dozen decades or so.



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