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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Renaissance or Gesture


I came across this excellent article about the current state of education. Note the emphasis is on the narrowing of perspective.

Is Bastiat Free University part of this trend?

BFU recognizes that the primary purpose of a degree in modern society is not evidence of learning.

A degree is most often sought today as a self marketing tool. A degree is the meal ticket of the late industrial age. There is no pleasure in this style of education. If you have ever considered donating to a college, choose one that defies this trend.

Bastiat Free University espouses what we like to call Renaissance Education, or self directed learning. The first gal in that article would like the thought, a shot cut to a diploma, with the GPA controlled by omission. That is not what we offer.

Self directed learning BFU style is about
passion. If you love liberty you will examine psychology also, this will lead you to sociology and economics. You pick the classes because you want to know. Your knowledge raises other questions, and you seek other answers. Learning becomes an all day, every day, all life experience. Learning is a pleasure.

This is the sort of renaissance person we seek to serve. Those late industrial age diplomas are a prison release for proper execution of a four, six, or ten year sentence. BFU wants people that want to rediscover the pleasures of learning.

If you are ready to pursue your passions, come check us out. Click here to register for free, you can monitor classes for free. You can pursue knowledge just because you want too.

It's ok to learn just because you want to know.


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