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Monday, August 15, 2005

Tipping Point


The tipping point is the straw that broke the camels back, or "that dramatic moment when something unique becomes common."

I've also heard it described as that one piece of sand on a hill that starts the avalanche. Where it pertains to us is when will distance learning, and Bastiat Free University separately and in particular, hit the tipping point?

In marketing there is frequently talk of product stages; introduction, early adaptors, leaders, and sometimes acceptance by the masses. Of course each guru has their own terms and divisions, but the concept remains the same. Some like to try what others have never heard of, they show off and other brave consumers try it, more people come on board and then suddenly it is normal. Of course sometimes it happens in an area where people have no fixed opinions, and everyone jumps on board because everyone else seems to think it is cool. The current fad in poker is a case in point or other fads from Elmo to Pogs, I'm sure you have watched raise and fall.

Ford gets it. Their SVT program is formulated to sell factory prepared specialty cars to those early adapters that love cars. The buyers will talk about their new toys and others will buy Ford because they heard a gear head praise his. Ford probably loses money on the SVT program itself, and makes a bunch more back in referrals from influential early adaptors. The SVT program is a bundle of straw they throw at the camel, they hope one of the straws will help the Mustang "tip."

Back to BFU, we hope to eventually be noticed. Even a fad would be nice, people still trade baseball cards, long after the fad passed. Right now a few brave students have started the classes, and more are discovering us each week. At some point Bastiat Free University may tip.

Register now (free), if we tip you can say you knew it all along.


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Blogger BFU Rector said...

For anyone that read that, beware!

Almost never buy when someone is selling.

This is not new tech, this is not the only company.

Hold on to your money.

Read our 5 part series on investing with a preview at: http://www.silentpc.org/ewimkt.php

BFU Rector

1:19 AM  

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