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Thursday, August 11, 2005


We have added a couple of pages to the Bastiat Free University introduction.

The first new page is about C. F. Bastiat himself. There is a bit of information about Claude Frédéric Bastiat's nineteenth century world, and a bunch of quotes. A warning on the quotes, these were borrowed from other sites, but they read like what I remember. I have put some links in to those sites, I will cross check the quotes as I re-read Bastiat's works. Of course I read in English, and the original is in French, so there may be some variance due to translation anyway. Let me know if you spot an error.

The second "new" page is really just the second half of the BFU index page, I've split it into more manageable chunks. A pretty web site for BFUniv may be sometime in the future, but we will keep trying to make it an easier read now.

If you have not had a chance to look at it, read the piece on renaissance education, it does put forth some interesting "learning mixed with action" ideas.

And a final piece of great news, the graduate course by top selling author Doug Casey is now open and available. Go in and take a look, there is some very good information, you owe yourself this one. Doug is a great fan of liberty. Doug is also the one that started me thinking on how this new era requires a renaissance approach to education. Thanks again Doug.

As Doug would write:



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