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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A turn toward the straight, and the race will be on.


Research is in the eye of the beholder.

The chicane finished, the cars enter the last curve before the straight. They will be massively accelerating through the last half of the corner. But they are on a small copy of the real track.

Vouchers to allow students to chose between public schools, aid in student performance, but they make politico's heads explode. The real growth in student performance comes with the addition of private schools. The straight away is when mature students can select their own education for their own goals and ambitions. Each time education hits the straight we have a renaissance, although there is frequently some government official waving a flag to slow things down, it seems government schools crash and burn if they can not force students to attend; and officials realize that without the constant propaganda public schools promote, people will (gasp) think for themselves.

Look at this education debate report to see how narrowly defined the argument is now. Consider what will happen if freedom gets loose. If you want to learn effectively, learn for yourself. Bastiat Free University is not the only source of free learning, search and do what you want and need. Just as in the Christian walk you discover that Faith is an act, so you should discover to your benefit that in education Learning is an act.

Enjoy life, but also accomplish something important, start now.



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