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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Better distance learning comparison

I have moved that last post onto the Bastiat Free University site and improved it a bit. After a few more revisions it may be ready for submission as an article, or not.

I usually try to write about subjects that I have thought about and discussed with peers. This new page, Distance Learning versus Brick and Mortar, is an exception. There has been discussion and thought on why current educational methods are so out of step with present reality. There has been a time of discovery as we researched a way to return education to relevancy. We have even tried some guesses on how to make learning a pleasure. But very little has been said on comparing current methods. Perhaps this page removes some of that blind spot.

Our emphases will remain on how to prepare students for the future, not for the past. BFU will continue to offer guidance about trends in society and how that will effect your life. BFU wants to be relevant to the future in which we will all live.


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Blogger Chloe said...

Hi Allen,

You posted on my site that you used to be in retail before going into business for yourself. My question is, since this is a "free" university, how do you make a living off it, or were you referring to a different business?

Thanks :-)

12:54 PM  
Blogger BFU Rector said...


I work as a consultant to small business, amongst other things.

The "free" in free university refers primarily to a lack of interaction with government. Classes are also available for free if just monitored, a nice coincidence.

I make enough from the Amazon links to pay the BFU web hosting. If a student wishes to do the home work and required writing they may also earn an unaccredited degree for a fee that covers administration of the course work.

Bastiat Free University is a working model of how colleges may evolve. That means we could be wrong, or decades too early.

Consider Peter Jennings as a type of BFU student. He never finished High School but did pursue knowledge on his own. He achieved success on his own terms. I think those that will succeed in the information age will be knowledge seekers in a network society rather than degreed serfs.

May Hubbie find what he seeks.



3:02 PM  

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