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Friday, July 28, 2006

Is Bastiat Free University Better Than South Harmon Institute Of Technology?

The following was a preview of the movie Accepted at South Harmon Institute Of Technology. You can read it to discover more about our guesses on the movie; and to see how close we came. Then you can go see how similar you think BFU is to South Harmon. I have edited this post to add this intro, video clips, and some links.

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We are going to have to see the movie
Accepted to find out more about South Harmon Institute Of Technology.

Accepted will open August 18, 2006 at a theater near you.

This should be fun.

All this time Bastiat Free University has been making fun of the industrial age colleges - but in a serious way. Lets get rid of serious - and have a comedy movie make some of our points for us. (YouTube video)

Accepted the movie may be a Toto and pull back the curtains that are hiding the little man pulling the levers. South Harmon Institute Of Technology is a college created by a rejected student, rejected by eight colleges in fact. He sees his disappointed and angry college parents and devices a plan.

Acquiring an abandoned psychiatric hospital, and appointing
comedian Lewis Black as dean set up the standard Hollywood ploy - lies to cover lies - until a final lie makes everything ok. Perhaps this time it will be different.

Accepted looks like it may be a mashup of Nerds and Animal House - which just might end up being very entertaining. Student-directed learning makes sense, it should also make a good movie.

In a prior post we compared Bastiat Free University and the top ranked Thunderbird, Garvin School Of International Business. Here we will do a brief comparison of Bastiat Free University and the fictional South Harmon Institute Of Technology.

Bastiat Free University and South Harmon Institute of Technology have more in common than BFuniv.com and Thunderbird.

Both BFU and SHIoT were created as a frustrated response to archaic educational bureaucracies. But I have the feeling that the poor saps at South Harmon will end up returning to a Hollywood ending that will not insult educators too much.

The common wisdom about the value of a diploma is too deeply ingrained to be easily ignored. Few will confront the fact that college degrees are losing value as they become common and as bureaucracies shrink with the ending of the industrial age. Students need to make themselves more valuable as the value of a college diploma shrinks. The world is changing even if education isn't.

BFU however is happy to either insult or ignore bureaucratic educators and their increasingly out of date and out of touch institutions. "In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists." - Eric Hoffer

The funny part here is that the heroes of the movie seem just the sort of student that Bastiat Free University was created to serve - creative and action oriented team members of the Netcohort.
They need to pick up their BFU student id card.

Then they can start creating their own college courses.

If you can identify with the students from Accepted at South Harmon Institute Of Technology - come take a close look at

an unschool for adults

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