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Thursday, November 10, 2005

How To Take A Class


Bastiat Free University is a different type of higher education learning experience.

Self Directed Learning - You can rediscover pleasure in learning.

  • register at BFU (for free)
  • select course
  • read the introduction file
  • if you are interested -
  • acquire and read the course books
  • read PDF and HTML course work listed
To reinforce the reading, at the end of each chapter and PDF file you will create a multiple choice question that reflects what you discovered in the course work. There are instructions in the introduction file. Subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up to date.

If you have trouble finding the course work:
  • login
  • under General Menu>My courses select your registered course
  • next to campus - select >CLASS1
  • and now select >course documents
If you are still having difficulty - please contact us and let us know what software you are using, ie: Windows XP with the Opera browser. We will try to duplicate any problem and fix it.

Most courses will also require a final essay that is to be posted to the class forum for peer review.

If a degree is important to you, there is a one time fee of US$75.00 for administration of your enrollment and a $15.00/unit fee for oversight and review of the course work. Most classes are three units, therefore US$45.00.

You can do all the work for yourself and never send us a US cent. The materials are there, use them. We would of course appreciate a donation if you can afford one.

Do not to spend years seeking a degree
just to get a job.

The key as society changes will be: your knowledge, adaptability, integrity, and action.

The above attributes are becoming more important than a diploma.

Rediscover the pleasure of self directed learning.

Let learning become part of
your life just as it was in your past; - an all day, every day, all life adventure.


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