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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Self Directed Distance Learning


What will self directed learning mean to you?

From the time you were young, you have been trained and controlled.

In the USA it starts in pre-school. As an oversimplification, pre-school teaches kids to get along in a controlled environment. Someone is in charge of the kids, and makes sure no one is disruptive.

Pre-school prepares for kindergarten and a more controlled atmosphere.

Kindergarten prepares for first grade; and the progression continues, you do home work because it will be required at the next level.

If a child acts like a child and can't sit still, drugs are recommended to keep them in line.

If the child completes their twelve years and learns to be obedient, they may get the opportunity to spend another four to eight years in a similarly structured environment.

Stick with me here;

At the end of all this regimentation, what is the goal?

A job.

A college kid is not likely to take a class to learn something important, if that class would hurt their grade point average. What is so important about grades that they overshadow learning in school?

A job.

After 12 to 20 years in a structured organization, for what sort of job are you qualified?

A job in a bureaucracy, the government or a large corporation to be exact. You have become just the sort of obedient and compliant labor they require.

With the changing world society, many nations are cranking out these machine part graduates, so many that degrees are becoming common.

unfortunately many of these degrees do not represent learning.

Bastiat Free University is about self directed learning.

It will take a lot of desire on your part to do the required work without an authority forcing your efforts. - You are the one in charge at BFU.

That is good training for your own business.

Take the classes you want, when you want, and for your own reasons.

At no-charge you can register at BFuniv and explore our classes.

BFU is unaccredited, and will stay unaccredited. There is no reason for you to have to pay extra for all the nonsense accreditation requires, -- unless you want to work for the government or a large corporation, or get special licenses based on your degree.

Life is changing.

Society is changing.

The future will belong to a Netcohort of individuals that have knowledge, not just education.

Explore what we offer, think for yourself, plan for your future.

The future is not a utopia, but for those that have knowledge, integrity, adaptability, and a drive toward accomplishment, the opportunities are huge.

The choice is yours, - for once.


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