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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Start Today

We have said that Bastiat Free University may be decades too soon; that it may be decades before the value of renaissance education becomes apparent.

The reason it will become apparent is that graduates of schools like BFU will be creating new businesses that employ the graduates of the industrial age schools.

You can wait, and have your children or grandchildren enter Bastiat Free University, or you can enter yourself today. If you register at BFU now (for free), you will be the one pursuing your goals.

Think about it right now.

What is your passion?

What one idea related to your passion has the potential to create a flourishing business? What goal fulfilled will give meaning to you life?

Start working toward the business or occupation that encompasses your desire, start now.

Dedicate yourself to achieving that idea, your goal.

One of the elements of success will be knowledge. You can get that from good books. The more books you read, the more enjoyable it becomes to read; and the more you will learn.

Another element of your success will be adaptability. You can get that by studying subjects related to your passion. Dig in and research anything and everything related to your idea.

Another element toward accomplishment of your goal will be action. Write down what you will achieve and when you will achieve it. Put that written goal somewhere you will see and read it often, your mirror or the refrigerator door, or both.

Get started. Expect to get stopped. Start again. Do not accept defeat, keep working toward your goal. A seed dies and is planted before it grows. Keep every end of the dream as part of the process, just a planting of your goal before it sprouts.

That idea is yours, don't let it die and not sprout. Feed it, water it, protect it, expand it.

You have an idea that will work. Work your idea.

Success will come when you determine not to fail.

time and time again.


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