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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Vive la difference!

Sure, I know.

This saying is about the difference in the sexes, we can pause for a moment and celebrate that before we move on to the point of this post.

Back already?

Society is changing. The structures that were created in the industrial age no longer fit our young network society age. Droopy and baggy at points, constrictive to the edge of suffocating at others. Not an attractive or functional mix. This brings us to the difference of Bastiat Free University, a personally tailored learning facility that fits you well.

We are a new garment for a new age. We are not yet tailored, we need you to tell us how to adjust the fit. We expect to need many fittings over the course of time as the infant information society grows.

Here is a cut and paste from the page linked above about some of the unique qualities that set us apart:

A large brick and mortar government approved university will be commercial, but it will sneak up on you, $200.00+ per unit, a three unit course, and once you sign up you discover you "need" textbooks written by the professor, at $100.00+ each. There will of course be several required large fees, per semester. You then discover there is a huge amount of political content alongside the commercial, and you paid for that also. We do not have beautiful buildings, a huge well manicured campus, tenured professors that write expensive books while their grad assistants teach their classes, or years of snobbish and oppressive history. All we have is the knowledge of centuries available to whomsoever is willing to invest the time to learn.

Be warned most of our classes will reflect our appreciation of liberty; that is our political slant, no extra charge.

Come to Bastiat Free University, explore the difference.


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