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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

6 question Investor Quiz


All investment is speculation.

Even burying your money in the ground has risk of inflation loss and memory decay.

entrusting your money to another is a greater risk, you always care more about your money then someone else. Since life is risk, you need to learn how to use and enjoy risk, not avoid it.


1) Do you lie to yourself successfully?
?) Do you set your watch 10 minutes ahead so you think you are running late?

2) Do you have blind spots you refuse to acknowledge?
?) Do you fully agree with anyone or any human institution?

3) Do you rely on third or fourth hand information?
?) My teacher said a book said that ------- believed....

4) Do you believe statistics and published reports on performance and trends?
?) Figures don't lie, but liars sure can figure.

5) Do you refuse to ask directions, are you slow to admit when you are wrong?
?) Do you have a hard time laughing at your errors, and moving on?

These 5 questions point out personal growth areas needed for success in investments. The truth is there are thousands of ways to make money in the markets. None of the ways are easy to find, and to profit you have to know yourself. This last question is for you if you were able to say 'no' to a few of the above questions.

6) Have you had investment success before?
?) At what level did it stop? Did you lose everything when the losses started?

Everyone gets what they really want out of investments. If you are sabotaging yourself, do some research on yourself before your market research. Develop a flexible long term view of yourself and the world.

At BFU try out a few classes from different disciplines, get balanced, know yourself.

Best to ya,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post. Suddenly it dawns on me why i made so many financial mistakes in the past. Luckily I have learned from my mistakes although one or two things on that list are a little difficult to change. But I know that burying my cash certainly didnt work.

4:31 PM  

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