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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Entrepreneur's College

Perhaps the twined concepts of starting your own business and picking up knowledge as needed from BFU and other sources is a bit too informal for you.

I would ask you to consider where you acquired your appreciation of formal education. Those years you spent feeding at the required public trough were offered with a purpose.

You have been intellectually fattened to remove any potential for strenuous individual mental activity. It will never be considered valuable to any bureaucracy, such as the schools you were forced to endure, to allow consideration that you might exist just fine without its coercive ministrations.

If what government approved institutions offer is truly valuable to any but themselves, would they make laws forcing it upon us and have to steal from our paychecks to support it? Would they so bend society as to create flaccid axioms intoning the value they offer, all tied to "success." Would they provide student loans and other inducements to trade in your freedoms for promises of an ersatz life of herd like conspicuous consumption?

Ah, but I have made you uncomfortable. Ignore the previous and rejoin the corpulent herd; your hungry shepherds, the wolves, miss your compliance within their rituals.

I would suggest for those of you interested in a more formal entrepreneurial course of study that you investigate the Institute for Entrepreneurship. What I have read about IE indicates a willingness to try new learning strategies and support those that apply them.

The IE staff is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, the classes are structured to help you start your business with maximum support and understanding.

If you feel the need to absorb knowledge before you make that commitment, take the time to explore the offerings of this school first. Involvement in establishing your learning path will enhance the results of the journey.


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