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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

IT'S HERE!! Why you and your children need to unschool yourselves now.

In a prior post I wrote about how current bureaucratic schools betrayed us and are now betraying our children.

Take a look at your kiddo's homework tonight then view this almost beyond comprehension video featuring Neil Gershenfeld of MIT about the learning tools available today. Is there any connection at all between what he shows to be working and what the children are being taught at your school?

Eight year old kids that do not have the burden of our educational system are creating and then teaching professors and grad students at MIT.

Our schools create obedient robots of students. Children with other opportunities are creating useful robots for individualized local tasks. What great fun!

Learning should be fun, rewarding, challenging and beneficial to all. It can be now, it has to be now if you and your children are not to be left behind.

Now do you want to go back to your homework?

From the wonderful TED talks:

watch online

download video

download mp3 audio


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