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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Industrial Age and Information Age as descriptions are a bit too vague

Both the Industrial Age and the Information Age are more about size than structure.

With machinery and uniform design the supposed industrial age was centered in the premise that larger is always better. Industry responded with one size fits all mass production, so did government, education, religion, and unions. In fact the best descriptive of the last couple of centuries would be the Age Of Growing Bureaucracy.

In a similar fashion it is a bureaucracy age holdover that insists the new age is about unmanageable amounts of information; thereby making bureaucracies even more necessary. Instead of the information age we are entering an age of miniaturization. Specific solutions for a consumer base of one will become the norm. Having left the era of one-size-fits-all we are entering the era of simple self tailoring by the individual for them self.

At Bastiat Free University we have been referring to this age by referencing the creators of technologically based, individualized, solutions -- the Netcohort. Calling it the miniaturization age is very accurate in a general sense, but acknowledging the netcohort individuals that are empowering other individuals to create highly personal results seems appropriate.

Of course we have no idea what moniker will finally stick, we are in the early stages of a millennial length move - names are fads that will come and go. The final descriptive may not be written in English.

We do know the common descriptives reflect a certain bias and subsequent inaccuracy. I guess we will continue to use our own inaccuracies as we understand them.

Except when we forget, or just don't care, the industrial age is now officially the bureaucratic age and the information age is now officially the Netcohort age.

or not


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