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Saturday, April 07, 2007

There Are Great Teachers

There are teachers that are passionate about their subjects. Many of these teachers have spent their lives discovering subject matter intricacies and relationships. They find joy sharing this knowledge, and their discipline, with their students.

Even students that do not share the teachers passions can get caught up in the instructor's excitement of discovery and draw deeply from their well of knowledge.

It is your job to seek out those great teachers most appropriate to your search for understanding. Here is a powerful book on growing your intelligence - the author has a video on YouTube - see if you can find it.

From inner city public schools to weekend seminars sold on TV, there are teachers that can help reignite your love of learning.

This is an important part of your education - not in finding the "right school," but in finding and sitting in front of the right teachers.

As we say in the Bastiat Free University master's courses overview " ...
we should seek out people who are themselves independently successful if our goal is to be personally successful. Take them out to dinner, attend their seminars, read their books, attend their graduate level courses at Bastiat Free University."

You will find illustrious teachers in many locations. For your own edification do be sure to find them and enjoy learning with them. These great teachers can accelerate your learning while inspiring you to continue your growth.


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