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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Emancipated Consumers & Empowered Consumers = The New Consumer

In a recent Forbes article the CEO of Akamai was discussing the increasing speed available for Internet users.

Paul Sagan mentioned what is happening as disintermediation impacts those that thought they had a captive media distribution channel. The words he used for those that will find material where it is best served was "emancipated consumers."

Combine Sagan's
emancipated consumer with the technologically empowered individual we have discussed as a driving force pulling us out of the "one size fits all" industrial age and you have a picture of the new consumer.

The one major hurdle ahead is bureaucracy, using archaic laws and any arguments from individual rights to public interest; those in control of your life will seek to maintain their position. The argument will vary with audience, but the goal is maintaining control by government intervention.

With time this too shall pass. For now don't get caught in the middle by the waring factions - instead do what is best for you without harming others.

Already the Internet provides a medium for consumers to bypass middlemen and secure researched quality at better prices.

more to follow ...

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