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Monday, March 19, 2007

A Bastiat Free University Student writes

This is why BFU was created.

I'll not add a lot of fluff, Just a proud note that quality can be produced in a cost appropriate manner. Or as David Blaine wrote:

I've been studying the Poetry and Expression course from Bastiat Free University. This was an opportunity for me, and although I'm not inexperienced in poetry, I feel I learned a lot of important new things."

And in another note from David:

"Thanks, Allan. I could see you creating a way for people to independently study writing without paying the fortune that most schools want for their MFA programs."

Full Disclosure

backdoor cipher

witholder of truth

not so much purveyor of lies

as jailer of veracity

but loose lips

sink ships you know

brainsick butterfly

bundle of nerves

always itching

never scratching

wouldn't show you the itch

wouldn't let on

that he enjoys the aromatics

of gasoline rainbows

might think him odd you would

also wouldn't let you know

that his favorite color

can only be seen in the ocean

on certain days

when the sun is just so

or in very expensive gemstones

eclectic fancier

patron of whims

abhors conventions

and at once

holds traditions dear

bleeds for the unwashed

shuns the color bar

standing with his feet in the ocean

building sandcastles in the air

and you don't see him

even though

he's right here

-- David Blaine


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