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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Interview of Dr. Williams

I won't go into a lot of depth about Dr. Williams solid qualifications to speak out on justice, I will just give a part of one answer to a question in his interview.

"I once asked a friend and associate of mine, Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek, if he could write a law that would help the country the most, what would that law be? And he said, “Very simple: You should have a law that Congress cannot do for one American what it does not do for all Americans.” He gave me the example that if Congress pays some people not to raise pigs or grow wheat, they ought to pay every American not to raise pigs or grow wheat."

Simple and concise - and a good first step. To change American politics there are some things, such as everyone voting third party, that should be tried. But that is like telling someone "We will give you a fair trial before we hang you." The system is so broken it needs to be thrown away and restarted - we could even use the original constitution and Bill of Rights once again. Some may chose to leave rather than fight a fruitless battle.

Go read the interview - it will be time well spent. There are some good classes in our Bastiat Free University College Of Liberty that you could take also.


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