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Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Graduate level course


There is a new course in the College of Human Interaction. This course is inspired by Nassim Taleb, author of Fooled By randomnesss, and it deals with his philosophical roots. Dr. Taleb has provided us with a special preview draft PDF for this class. The PDF alone is a wonderful and pleasurable learning experience. The class has classic books, and many surprising insights involved. Drop in and check it out, registration is free.

For those of you that hadn't noticed, I'm more into science, math and business than spelling. There are errors here and at the BFU campus, please let me know when you spot one. I am far more concerned with communicating an idea than getting punctuation correct. The problem arises when it is hard for some to get past my errors and grasp an idea. Any help will be appreciated.

Along those lines we may as well hit on pronunciation of Bastiat. Bastiat Free University is hard to say if you are afraid of hurting someone's ears. The easiest correct source is found by listening to this free oral presentation of The Law, or at least the introduction. If you are French, and I have just hurt your head, send me a properly labeled pronunciation key, in French and English notation, and I will post it here. My apologies, take two aspirin and write us in the morning.

Bastiat Free University is up and running, it will get better. Start now and let us know your opinions on performance. This school is built for you, keep it yours.


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