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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Read "Go It Alone"

You have read it here many times - starting and growing your own business can be a better education than acquiring a formal college degree.

I've just started to read an informative book called Go It Alone and it looks to have an excellent attitude about starting your own business. That link is to a free online copy of the book - there is no reason for you to wait and have me give you a summary. Check this one out for yourself right now.

There are three keys to creating your own successful business:

  • start your business in a field you are passionate about

  • solve other peoples problems in that field

  • make sure folks are willing to pay for your solutions before you get too involved

There are of course other considerations, but nothing motivates learning like getting started and needing specific knowledge to grow. To find your own success what you are really looking for is:

a celebration of your passions,

rediscovering your love of learning,

and seeking an opening of opportunities.

The door to your better life is in front of you, action will open it.


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