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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Your Local Support Group For BFU

A sunset is even more spectacular if you can share it with someone else.

The learning offered at Bastiat Free University is valuable, it will have even more value if shared.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. - Proverbs 27:17

If there is a serious fault to be found in self-directed distance learning, it is in the lack of interaction with like minded individuals. You can remedy this yourself, find others that would benefit from BFU courses and meet with them regularly. This does not have to take the form of a debating society or a Toastmasters meeting, although those are good. It can be as simple as meeting for breakfast or lunch once or twice a week.

It will help to have a talking point or two for focusing the conversation, but the informal support of like minded students can also reinforce your education. I'll offer some suggestions, but remember this is you group - do as you wish:

  • Discuss courses you are taking

  • Talk about a business you would like to start

  • Talk about problems dealing with BFU (let me know about those)

  • Discuss anything that has changed your opinions recently

You get the idea. This is simply a forum for local students to support each other.

There are two large bonuses from participation in a local student group. You will learn more by hearing other's viewpoints. You will be more likely to complete your education if you share the excitement and tribulations of being a student with others.

I would suggest that you not limit the group to just paid students or no-charge monitoring students. If the primary goal is to learn, that is more important than if a college degree from BFU is also a goal.

As there is value in continuing your education both to yourself and to BFU, we will offer a discount to local support groups using the subscription college format. Contact us with the details of your group at "localgroup at silentpc dot org."

As society changes so is the definition of local changing. In 2008 we plan to establish trans-world "local" groups through The Netcohort Institute. Join us in the adventure - bring your dreams.

You will learn more and you will be more likely to complete your education with a local support group. Form your local support group today.


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