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Sunday, November 05, 2006




Bastiat Free University creates a new high value plan based on an ancient educational model

(In the prior post we said we were considering such a plan - here is the program)

Date : Monday, November 05, 2006

Bastiat Free University internet based colleges - Press Release


A subscription university may be the best recent route for offering cost appropriate self-directed learning. This is really a step back toward a far older model of education. There was a a time students went to a university to learn - instead of just hoping to get a better bureaucratic job.

Bastiat Free University may be the first to offer an affordable plan for acquiring a degree in centuries. The Industrial Age spawned institutional structures that served the masses with one size fits all efficiency based organizations.

The Netcohort Age is now technologically enabling individuals. The consumer of products and services benefits, as do the protean Netcohort teams that service them. BFU is applying that same shrinking scale of service by designing student-centric, self-directed learning.

BFU offers an education that emphasizes adaptability, knowledge, action, and reputation. This is an approach that integrates diverse knowledge and proactive research. Instead of forcing learning into separate subject boxes, students use an adult version of unschooling - BFU is just there to help.

Since existing higher education forces everyone into a specialization, BFU students will have great value due to their rarity as generalists (just as honesty has great value in an age of perfidy). Also, pursuing you passions is more fun. The university curriculum requires genuine effort, students earn their college degree. Now however they can earn a diploma on their own terms.

A subscription based college offers maximum flexibility to the student; in exchange for the college student having sole responsibility to follow through. The student can take as many BFU college courses at a time as they feel they can handle. Bastiat Free University's target students, Entrepreneurs and visionaries, should find the freedom and personal control of this approach appealing.

Bastiat Free University is unaccredited and intends to remain unaccredited. The costs and regulations associated with accreditation add great expense but little value - unless the student wishes to become a bureaucrat. If so BFU is the wrong choice for that student.

All government licensing agencies, most colleges, and many employers will not accept credits of a degree from most unaccredited universities. For the BFU student that seeks learning above credentials this is probably not a concern.

For visionaries and entrepreneurs the entrance to this new technology age is the opportunity to let their talents shine. Capability is becoming the hallmark of success rather than credentials and bureaucratic political skills.

Bastiat Free University is a group of experimental colleges offering a renaissance style education created for citizens of the information society. The emphases is on acquiring diverse knowledge and integrating that knowledge with action. Students are encouraged to rediscover the pleasure of self directed learning. Visit here learn more about our efforts to provide renaissance education.

BFU fulfills the desire of those who want to learn, but don't know where to turn. A quality education can be acquired for free, as long as there is no desire for a diploma. If students desire a degree from this unaccredited university, it will be available at a cost appropriate level. Bastiat Free University exists to provide students with a quality education for little or no cost.

People do like to keep score; take away scoring from sports and most sports would vanish. If students find it important to have a goal, we offer Associate, Bachelors, and Masters degrees. Do it yourself types will do it for free.

Why is Claude Frédéric Bastiat the patron philosopher of BFU? Bastiat was a nineteenth century French statesman speaking out for the concepts of freedom and justice. Bastiat understood liberty, and he knew how to speak and write to communicate his views. And what wonderful views!

C. F. Bastiat was Pro consumer, small business, and private education; while being Anti-monopoly and big government. His logic is presented with entertaining, well stated reasoning; and he did like going "over the top." Discover more about C. F. Bastiat and his times.

About Bastiat Free University:

BFU is an educational outreach and auxiliary component of Junior Partner Ministries. It is hoped by JrPM that a rational and cost appropriate approach to higher education will pave the way for similar socially significant outreaches.

Bastiat Free University is free as in free speech, not as in free beer. By a happy coincidence prospective students of BFU can also enroll and monitor courses without charge - although there is still no free beer.

BFU is student-centric. Students can explore becoming a renaissance person and pursuing knowledge for it's own sake. Free is a good thing.

Visit the Bastiat Free University on line campus.

Investigate the subscription college program at Bastiat Free University.


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