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Monday, November 06, 2006

An Online College Degree At BFU

If you want to earn an online college degree, Bastiat Free University may have what you need.

There are basically three type of online degrees you can earn, one of which will probably suit your needs and desires.

  • The first is normally an online degree offered by a brick and mortar college as a way to extend their market. These B&M schools can monetize their reputation in a very efficient manner by establishing an online college degree program. Their expenses will be less per student, but they can charge close to the same fees.

This brick and mortar college's online degree will be of great assistance if you are considering a scientific field, a discipline that requires licensing by the government, or you just want to impress your family and friends.

  • The second style of online degree is offered by colleges that operate solely on the internet. These range from legitimate accredited distance learning universities to computer mills that ask a few questions, then award you a diploma - for significant chunks of cash. The best will have diplomas that compete quite well with those first level colleges. The worst will run off with your money before you see a sheepskin.

These online degrees function quite well if your intent was to secure a promotion at work that requires a degree. As with the first type, learning is seldom as important as completing school and receiving good grades.

  • The third type of online degree comes from Bastiat Free University. BFU is Internet based, there is no physical campus. BFU is not accredited and does not intend to become accredited. Basically BFU exists to help you earn a degree; but with a different primary purpose -- learning.

An online degree from BFU will not be accepted by government licensing bureaus, will not be accepted by other universities, and may not be accepted by some employers. In effect - bureaucrats need not apply.

So who would pursue an online degree from BFU?

Consider a person that is very successful at business. They have never attended college, and still feel a need to further their education. Bastiat Free University is likely to be their choice. They will learn a great deal as they self-direct their own educational experience. In the end, they will be able to put their degree on their business card, they will be able to mention that they graduated from BFU, and most importantly they will have been exposed to useful knowledge. They will know that their knowledge is at a quality level second to none. The freedom and personal control offered by Bastiat Free University is a big plus - and fits the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Another type of student that attends BFU is a foreign student. They can learn English, they can discover the latest information in a field that interests them, and they can earn a degree that BFU will verify to those that they feel should know. Again, it is the learning that is most important - the credential just reflects and acknowledges the effort expended.

Some BFU students are are young and do not yet know what they will do with their lives. Many of these start as free students at BFU and attend several courses. When asked they can off-handedly comment that they attend BFU or perhaps Bastiat University. They discover that self-directed learning suits their lifestyle - and decide to complete the college program and earn a degree. The small cost of attending the degree track at BFU is not a major factor.

Others want guidance in learning, a major factor in brick and mortar schools, but they don't want to pay the inflated fees. The extra effort required to keep yourself on track at Bastiat Free University is a small price to pay for freedom of lifestyle and a much lower educational bill. I suspect we will have even more of these students as word of our subscription college program spreads.

There are other reasons to attend BFU, and other reasons to come here to earn your online degree.

What is your story?


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