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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fixing Broken Schools

Seth Godin makes a good point here.

Okay, part of the reason I like his point is that I agree with him.

Lecturing and speeches are dead. Sound bites, emotion, and interaction are alive. Media and methods that don't allow interaction are passing away.

That is cool for kids that are growing up with life 2.0, but what about the rest of us?

As Seth proposes we have spent our lives bored when we knew what was being said, and lost when it went past us. Schools were broken before the Internet came around - we just didn't know how much better learning could be.

Children are born loving to discover and explore new things, and then have that love pounded out of them by an industrial age economy of scale education.

Those of us that are products of that bureaucratic educational system are going to have to unschool ourselves. We will have to relearn to how to enjoy learning.

Start now. What have you once been passionate about, but no longer pursue?

Look it up on the Internet right now- start the fire of discovery burning in your life once again.


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