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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Subscription University - Something New At BFU

Bastiat Free University is considering creating a monthly payment college program.

For much less than a student loan payment or a college loan you will be able to pay for college as you go. There will be no admission fees - just a very small monthly payment that may be canceled at any time.

The BFU subscription university will be about as informal a quality education as you could want. The charge will be enough to encourage you to finish college, not enough to force you to quit. This may be the best route yet to offering cost appropriate self-directed learning.

You will still be able to register and monitor classes for free, this college monthly payment plan will only apply to degree track students.

A subscription based college program - we may be the first to offer such a plan for acquiring a degree. This will offer maximum flexibility to the student; in exchange for the college student having sole responsibility to follow through.

BFU's subscription university -Knowledge at the speed of learning.

Take as many college courses as you can handle. When you complete enough university classes to earn your degree, let us know. We will confirm your efforts - and mail your newly earned college degree.

This will take effort, you will earn the college degree, but you can now earn it on your own terms.

I have just decided on a subscription university concept test.

I may retract this later and let anyone that has applied continue. If I do continue to offer this pay-as-you-go college program, I plan to raise the price for new applicants only. Your price will remain as quoted.

If you do need a more structured college program - consider the Achievement Certificate program, also just starting.

Before you sign up for either, you will want to review the BFU summary page.

For now.

  • Pay for your Bastiat Free University education by clicking on this paypal hyperlink and have a seven day "think it over" period.
  • No sign up fees, just US$ 39.95 29.99 per month total fees. Finish as quickly as you wish - while completing all the course requirements. Let BFU know when you are done - we will review your learning history.
  • Stop or re-start at any time. To stop just contact PayPal and say stop. They will not refund already collected payments - but you will not be billed again.

Was that all a bit too fast?

Here is the button to escape.

Bookmark this page, I will also put a link to this information over on the left under Favorite Posts. It will be labeled simply "Subscription University."

There is a comments section down there - let me know what you think.

You can also go over and register for free right now - and stay free as long as you wish. Only those seeking to acquire a BFU degree should consider this program.

Here is Albert's take:

"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." - Albert Einstein


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