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Friday, October 20, 2006

Universities Created By The Instructed

This is an interesting report about the University of Bologna.

We have spent the last two hundred years or so under the influence of the economies of scale operations of the industrial age. Many people now have a hard time understanding how complex systems can be operated without a strong, central, managing authority.

How do things operate without central powerful controls? How can progress happen without a central agenda and mandate?

Much better - thank you very much. Society will operate and progress much better if individuals are free to create.

You can click on the title to get a look at a university that was facilitated and governed by the students - a type of free university.

You can read this entertaining story about "I Pencil" that demonstrates how the loose ties of enlightened self interest can accomplish much more than bureaucrats could imagine.

But what is most important is to realize that large tasks are best handled by free and independent individuals rather than through the coercion of large organizations.

The Netcohort Society is moving in that direction - and it's about time.


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