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Monday, October 09, 2006

Adult Learning At A Virtual College

If you like the concept of attending a virtual college, an online university, or a distance learning college degree program as an adult learner - BFU is not your only choice.

You probably want to avoid diploma mills - although if all you want is a brag rag for a business card they do serve a purpose. Pay a flat free - they give you a worthless diploma you can display "proudly."

For a diploma from an accredited distance learning program - expect to spend a lot of money, and if you wish to do the work - you can learn a lot. Most accredited colleges will give you up to a years credit for "life experience," or lifelong learning - for cash.

Bastiat Free University is proudly unaccredited - and does not intend to seek accreditation. If you wonder why, look at the costs and regulation involved in attending an accredited school. BFU feels self directed adult learners deserve better. While BFU will accept transfered credits from real colleges, we do not grant credit, or charge, for life experience equivalences - we are here to help you learn.

Our degree track and professional certificate programs are inexpensive enough as it is. A year in the BFU degree track program will cost less than most single classes at an accredited university.

If you wish to compare - investigate the quality distance learning degree and professional programs at the accredited Thomas Edison State University - you can even get a fully accredited New Jersey State University diploma there for "life experience." If you jump through enough hoops - and pay enough cash. TESC may be a viable option for you - consider them.

If you decide to attend Bastiat Free University - enjoy.

We are here to help you discover the joys and pleasures of self-directed adult learning.

The pleasures likely stomped out of you at a young age by bureaucratic schools.


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