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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stupid In America With John Stossel

I remember the stir that was made when Stupid In America with John Stossel was first released.

I understand that it will be re-shown Friday September 1, 2006 at 10:00pm on ABC, both Eastern & Pacific time. Check your local listings to be sure - this one is worth recording.

The presentation is hard hitting and balanced - so expect cries of "unfair" from those that think Uncle Joe Stalin was a centrist.

Now for a curve.

An opposite presentation from a documentary, adults may want to watch the movie Accepted. The movie is entertaining. It has the normal bad taste scenes that ensure it wasn't slapped with a G rating. This is a far from reality comedy, but it still makes some good points.

Both of these shows reflect accelerating disenchantment with the bureaucratic education industry. It is encouraging that two such different approaches display the same theme.

That is good news.

The first step toward serious reform is to realize that gradualist methods will not be sufficient to remake an archaic and broken educational system. Throwing more money at failed systems is certainly not the answer.

The solution probably involves continuing to build learning alternatives outside of the existing moribund organizations.

Do watch Stupid In America, and don't be harsh with those adults that choose to watch the movie Accepted.

Both offer cogent arguments for dismantling public education and starting over.

Allan Wallace


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

balanced? from John Stossel? you're either very biased or don't think too critically. nothing about him is balanced. im surprised his not working as an anchor on FNN

5:30 PM  
Anonymous allan said...


Thanks for the comment.

I do have trouble communicating with someone who judges a report without seeing it.

I know they will insist on stating their piece, and will refuse to listen other viewpoints.

Sometimes even the opposition makes reasonable assumptions or comes to a logical conclusion. You will never know if you dismiss them so easily.

Someone that agrees with everything one person or party says and dismisses everything another person or party says obviously has no mind of their own.

Instead of blogging, have you considered politics?

Your ready contempt for different viewpoints probably disqualifies you from honest employment.

Watch the report first, then come back and state your case.

Or respond to this note with less vitriol.

9:11 PM  

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