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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Toward A Prettier Bastiat Free University

You can take a look at prettier by clicking this posts title.

It is a long way from done, but it has the same elements as the main online college section. This pretty stuff is not a priority, but I know some of you have been waiting for a bit more orthodox site. Give it a few weeks and we will clean it up a bit more. This will continue to reside at our bfuniv.org domain.

Don't worry, we are not giving up our true blue sincere college site - you can still shortcut to it by typing bfuniv.com . If you are linking please cut and paste the full URL - its long and ugly, but it is direct. http://www.silentpc.org/university/simple.php

Feel free to toss some links to inner pages if you like them better, http://www.silentpc.org/university/
or perhaps
are good examples. Even registration entry could be a good link page.

For those of you in our blogging courses, or those of you already using blogs, check out the earners forum. They have good free material for anyone seeking to make money on the internet, and a special section on blogs. I've just registered as "bastiat" - go figure.

Speaking of making money on the internet, I put new posts at The Sovereign Speculator and Speculation Rules on that theme.

I'm in a hurry, forgive any slight formating problems. That reminds me of the difference between a good blog post and a bad blog post -

two weeks.

By then I will have hopefully written enough good material to bury the rushed.



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