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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Finally - Released To Do Your Best

Happily the industrial age is ending.

The days when the bell shaped curve defined the actions and efforts of humanity are almost over. The frustrations of a job that defined you as a machine part with specific tasks can now be put behind you.

The industrial age reveled in creating efficiency through large economies of scale - one size fits all. We all have learned through experience that one size fits no-one well. The products produced, and the workers producing them, were all forced into a general shape for mass allocation.


You can now escape the frustrations of a job that would not let you do what you do best, a job that limited your options to a few overly-limited tasks. You may however have to re-train yourself to do your best.

It is time to reignite the fire of youth where the joy of discovery and accomplishment lead to total commitment to that moments action. If it was playing a game, exploring unknown knowledge, or planning to build a club house - everything you were went into that project.

You have now been
trained to do what is required - no more. In fact in many jobs creativity and extra effort will be punished.

No More! Escape the deflating and imploding bureaucracies of the industrial past.

Many have started at Bastiat Free University - and quit. Some with good reason to pursue better or more appropriate opportunities. Many have quit because there is no stick to beat them into production, and they have to create their own carrot to motivate themselves. They are sadly part of the past age - and have been conditioned to have uncaring others direct their lives.

If you are, or want to be, responsible for your own life, now is the time to start. Get going before the collapse of the industrial age forces a decision upon you with downsizing, right sizing, and capsizing. Learn once again to constantly do your best.

Start your own business. Learn how to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

Re-learn how to do your best.

It is your life to improve. Why not do your best?


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