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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Spiral Model - For Software And For Life

You could probably go back to Pythagoras, certainly to Fibonacci, and get the ratios defined within a spiral.

A current financial tool, Elliot Wave Analysis
, acknowledges its debt to a spirals functionality.

Since the spiral is a natural shape - you should probably go back to creation to further define its utility.

Because it is a natural shape the spiral model helps create an intuitive aspect to descriptions of processes that are too complex to easily define.

That works just fine for many types of large software projects -- and for life.

As a
parenthetical comment; there are those that believe in the circle of life - the cycle of birth, maturation, death, and rebirth. Most of these religions focus on the unpleasant aspects of rebirth as an atonement to be escaped. Modern religious salesmen and Hollywood package reincarnation as a renewed chance at being powerful and lovely, or having once been such. They purposely overlook the unpleasant aspects of having been a roach, or next time being a starving rat.

To have such a enclosed cycle within your current life would be tragic. All of your prior experience should assist you in expanding the experiences, skills, and knowledge that comprises your being. In other words - your current life experience can be a spiral.

The next time you come by this juncture in life - you will be better prepared to handle it as you will have greater experience from which you have extracted learning.

In a specific case if you wish to become an entrepreneur you can go through the six year birthing labor of a university entrepreneur training regime -- or you can start small at the beginning of the spiral and build your entrepreneurship as you expand.

You can do formal and spiral education together at the start - but expect at some point the real spiral learning of expanding experience may squeeze out time for completing overly structured formal education. There are many entrepreneurs that attended college for a year or two while they built a business. Their business college courses were subsequently dropped to make way for their entrepreneurial success.

The learning spiral will take less time and money - and potentially yield far greater results than structured classroom learning. Yeats wrote "Education is not filling a bucket - but lighting a fire."

To direct the fire of your passion to know - consider trying a spiral learning methodology.


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