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Monday, September 04, 2006

Unleashing The Idea Virus

Unleashing The Idea Virus is a fun and useful book by Seth Godin.

Sounds a bit like a junior high school book report.

I'll tell you what this book really is.

Unleashing The Idea Virus is a revolutionary marketing argument put forth by an imaginative business genius.

Its a book I've had on my shelf for years and have read several times.

You can buy the book on Amazon, but to prove his point on viral marketing, Seth Godin also released it for free as an e-book. If you are sitting at home wondering what to do, down load the book and start reading.

Most e-books follow a simple idea and are over within thirty pages or so. Some like the free Entrepreneurial Business Ideas book that are aimed at
starting a new internet businesses have value. However most are worthless or worse. And there seem to be millions of e-books, some free - others sold.

Unleashing The Idea Virus is a real book. It will take time to read it, there will be frequent pauses while you absorb a fresh insight into an old truth.

And there will be lots of new insights also.

So why are you still sitting here reading this. If you only have time for a quick introduction to Seth Goodin's ideas - look at this from Fast Company.

But your real, long term, imagination growing profit will come from this -

get your own free copy of Unleashing The Idea Virus right now.


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