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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Indie Rock - Indie College - Indie Music

It looks like indie music may be traveling the same route as Bastiat Free University. Perhaps we are following as an indie college.

From free accessibility and on to bits and pieces that can be mixed and remixed by the end user.

Freedom for the consumer is increasing. (here is a cool indie video)

The education industry is even more compulsive than the music industry about control. Using tools such as accreditation, transferability of units, and marketing campaigns they force students into their industrial age molds.

BFU lets you work it from the other end.

Pick the courses that excite you and promise to deliver the learning you want and need. Modify the pieces to fit you and your passions.

As part of the Netcohort the future is available now. You do not have to see the value of your degree decline as the bureaucracies deflate and implode. get outside the box.

Start your own business.

Create your own learning tools.

Return to school - but on your own terms.

Return to school - but do it for yourself this time.

Indie music is headed toward personalization - eventually all of education will have to travel the same liberating route.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think you have a great project here but I have small suggestion. Is it possible to see the course's book list before a person enrolls into a course? It often happens that I reach a certain point in the course and then I cannot find some book and have to quit the course.


12:52 PM  
Anonymous allan said...


Thank you for the comment.

Keeping links for books working is tough. Let us know what book is unavailable and we will agree to another.

If you come across a bad link, please send us a quick e-mail, we'll fix it pronto.

Often a small change will cause Amazon to move the book to a new URL and we don't find out until someone tells us.

Thanks for acknowledging this as a project - that is what it is. We try to improve it at least several percent every week, in a year it will be at least twice as good.

Enjoy life,

2:42 PM  

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