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Friday, August 11, 2006

Homeschool or Unschool Yourself

We all know the benefits of homeschooling and unschooling - the student learns more.

Why then should a college student deny themselves the benefits of self-directed learning just to get a college degree?

A college degree is valuable - if it is from an accredited college - and if you want a career as a wage slave in a cubicle cell.

The value of a college degree is as a personal marketing tool - and increasingly may not be worth the investment of years of time and tens of thousands of dollars in fees and deferred earnings.

If what you really want is to learn, start today to learn what you want to know - you do not need college structures to succeed at learning - in fact they may be a hindrance.

Society is changing - and the educational tools of the industrial age will be inappropriate for the Netcohort Age.

What you will need in the coming age is not a certificate - but useful knowledge and a solid reputation.

Invest in developing yourself - when your present job is outsourced, merged, downsized, or capsized -- start your own business.

Apply the knowledge you have acquired.

College degrees
will respond to supply and demand just like everything else in a free economy. If you have noticed everyone wants to have a college degree - and many people seem to be headed for increasingly oversupplied Master's degrees, or beyond.

You may also have found that in many ways a formal college education teaches archaic concepts that do not apply in the real world - and are a detriment to those that have studied in such an institution.

Your self-directed learning may have a much higher correlation with reality.

As a college student - homeschool yourself.


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