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Friday, July 28, 2006

Homeschool Helps

If you are homeschooling your kiddos, congratulations - they will likely be far ahead of those that lack this educational advantage.

I'll answer the primary objection I hear to homeschooling - the homeschool kids will not be socially prepared for life if they have not had all the "advantages" of public school social interaction.

I find it telling that the primary homeschool objection has nothing to do with learning. It is a given that most homeschooled kids do better on tests than most public school kids. A further indication is that the most disillusioned of the public school kids drop out - and are not even included in testing results.

Parents subject their children to eighteen plus years of indentured servitude on the theory that while they will learn less - they will be socially balanced. I think just a look at an average teenager should dispel that myth.

The advantages of the public school social interaction are many.

  • The student is taught to both obey and resent authority - any authority
  • The student is taught to play structured games
  • The student is taught to segregate knowledge into discrete subjects
  • The student is taught to only spend a short time on one subject or idea before moving on
  • The student is taught to seek rewards for assigned accomplishment rather than the reward of enlightenment
  • There is no play in work
  • there is no work allowed in play - except as punishment
  • reading is a task - not a pleasure
  • knowledge is distributed - not discovered

These and other advantages of public schooling create obedient and compliant industrial and service workers - and citizens that are easily controlled.

There are difficulties in raising a homeschool kid - but the resulting adult will be far more flexible in dealing with life. Homeschool graduates will also have a far better understanding of how to discover what they want or need to know.

If you did not have the benefit of a homeschooling education, you can unschool yourself.

Rediscover the pleasures of self-directed homeschool learning - as an adult. Bastiat Free University may be regard as a homeschool facilitator for adults.

Homeschool Helps


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