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Friday, August 18, 2006

We Have Received Some Good Feedback

The prior post asked for feedback.

That post was a copy of an e-mail sent to students, and they have responded. Their replies have been quite helpful.

Yes we know BFU is still ugly and looks home built. We have finally added
Pretty to our to do list - although as a priority 'c' for now.

There were a few comments about our mix of courses. We are not satisfied, but for now we will probably not add many additional courses - except perhaps a language school. You are free to pick and choose from any of our college classes - create your own curriculum.

We will be adding material to several of the courses, but that is also on the to do list, priority 'b.'

The primary concern was one of time. Many students were just too busy to pursue both life and Bastiat Free University. One student suggested charging for access - folks value what they pay for. There is already a small charge if you are working toward a degree. Any other comments on charging?

Several said they were starting new businesses - and that limited their available time for now. Congratulations to them. The education they acquire from action in business will teach them more than any business school. They are welcome to keep dropping in and finding help at BFU whenever time permits.

BFU is not for everyone, in fact it is probably a pretty narrow group that can motivate themselves to learn without constant pressure from an establishment. Concentrate on learning what you need or want - study your passions.

If you are one of those that have found BFU entirely not to your liking - your vision and our vision may have just been too far apart for us to work together.
Let me encourage you to go out and start your own knowledge resource site.

There will be changes at Bastiat Free University as we correct some of the errors and omissions you have uncovered - thank you.

If you have complaints or ideas - let us know - as a college student you should be in charge of your own learning.


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