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Saturday, July 22, 2006

What Do You Want To Escape?


Some can set their goals based on something wonderful they want to accomplish.

For many others the first priority in their life is to escape.

This is not bad, it is just a reflection of the fact that until we escape from limiting personal factors we have little hope of success.

If your first need is too escape - set a date.

Start working toward changing your circumstances to enable a transition to a better place.

A year from now you can be in a different city that better reflects your values. You can be in different relationships that empower you rather than hold you down. You can find a better job, a school that teaches what you need to learn, or develop a skill that can travel with you.

If you can see no way to accomplish great things where you are -- imagine where you would need to be to accomplish what will satisfy you.

Now you can just stay where you are.

Or you can write down that destination, with a date to be there, and start the process of change.


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