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Friday, July 14, 2006

An Educational Alternative.

Bastiat Free University is not for everyone.

The vast majority of those that look at BFU today will click on by.

Most think that life will continue to progress along the roads it has already traveled.

Where we are going we don't need roads."

That quote from Back To The Future was spoken just before the car leapt into the air - and traveled forward in time. In the not too distant future you will be able to leap into success without the bureaucracies that tie you down now. Technology will free you from the form and regulation of life as usual.

Many of you reading this have a sly smile playing across your lips - you already live in that future.

It's a reality where what you learn, what you know, the integrity with which you act, the willingness you have to share success - each of these attributes increases your success. A degree is not required - a diploma may still carry a hint of its former cachet - but it is no longer a requirement -- or a meal ticket.

If you have your own business this is not news. Some of the bloated organizations you deal with may prefer your having a degree, but it does not enhance performance. You are most frequently selected by your performance and reputation. These attributes are within your control.

That leaves you the reader with three choices.

1) You can find the best brick and mortar college you can afford - and use it as an entry ticket to a bureaucratic job.

2) You can start your own business and use resources such as Bastiat Free University to learn what you need to know to grow your business - and expand you horizons.

3) You can start your own business, use self-selected tools - books, e-books, audio books and tapes, motivational and inspirational CDs and DVDs, and a host of other tools to keep you going and growing.

Most of you will use a blended learning approach.

If you do not see radical change coming in the workplace - you may pursue #1 and perhaps add a bit of #3 to keep yourself going.

BFU students will probably pull from all three.

Some of you will use a primarily #3 approach, and perhaps acquire a degree from BFU in the future when it suits you.

You know your personality - do what is best for you.

If you have read our interview of Ross Rayburn, he still uses #3 to power his business success. He is always reading books - listening to tapes in his car - he is learning all the time.

If #3 is your style, embrace it. If you ever feel the need for a diploma - Bastiat Free University will still be here - together we can help you earn that college degree.

If not - just keep on enjoying the drive to success.


P.S. Here is one way to acquire all that resource material an embracer of the #3 style of educational approach appreciates. Visit and consider this self-directed educational site:


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