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Saturday, December 31, 2005

BFU - An Indie University?

Indie: -- Free from external control or constraint.

That fits Bastiat Free University.

Indie, a contraction of independent, is used in creative fields like music and film.

Indie is hence a modern and easier to understand word for free; as in Bastiat Free University, or free speech.

Perhaps we should rename it
Bastiat Indie University?

Indie: -- An independent mind, a series of independent judgments.

That describes Bastiat Free University students.

Independent minds, propelled toward accomplishment by acting on independent judgments.

These students are just the sort of Netcohort leaders we are seeking to assist.

Indie: -- fiercely independent individualism.

This fits Bastiat Free University
and most of our students.

Some of our students are attending BFU for the cost appropriate, or free, self directed distance learning.

Most BFU students value our self-directed learning approach as it allows them to tailor their education to match their inquisitiveness and their goals.

That is an indie school approach.

Bastiat Free University values all our students, it is those of you that might think of us as Bastiat Indie University that are most likely to effect positive change in the world.

Are you ready for an indie university?


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