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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Programming Notes


We may soon have a new Bastiat Free University master's course. Richard Daughty is working with us to create a simple but powerful graduate level economics course for those that don't want to be economists. Richard is the creator of the famous Magumbo Guru, and is COO for Smith Consultant Group. (read some of his rants, see, learning can be a pleasure)

On another note is the time line for Bastiat Free University. You are the pioneers, entering the campus while construction is still in progress. Your comments will help us shape the final structure of BFU.

We plan to have 100 classes by years end. Next year we will work on improving both the quality of the classes and the appearance of the web site. We are currently ugly, but we will work on function before we work on pretty. Our plan is to have a clean and functional Renaissance university by Bastiat's 205th birthday, 29 June 2006.

The next level of courses, the 300 level, will deal with controversy in the subject matter and should be quite fun. The final 400 level classes will be both course work and action oriented; start a blog, go on a short term missions project, develop a BFU course, start a business, create something useful.

Remember this is self directed learning, if you want to take a 500 level course first, go for it. Study what you want to learn, discover knowledge and act on it. Only when learning is a pleasure will you pursue it to your maximum benefit. Mix and match our course work into a quilt that fits your goals.

You do not have to be a machine part graduate stamped out by a bureaucratic educational machine; suitable only for a specialized position in the receding industrial age. Prepare yourself for the network society and become part of the emerging Netcohort.

Go back to school, do it for yourself this time.



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