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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bastiat Free University news


First off our new disclaimer:

Free university, free church, free Speech: free is an indication of not being controlled by government. It is a nice coincidence you can also access all Bastiat free University materials and monitor all BFU classes for no-cost. Self directed learning is available to you, it is available today. Register now at no charge. Take advantage of all our no cost information. You can also register and work for a degree at a cost appropriate level (cheap). Develop your life's passion at Bastiat Free University.

This is a good lead in to our next notice:

The prices of our classes have gone down. If you are planning on a degree track, the cost per unit has dropped to $15.00 per unit; most classes are 3 units, therefore it is only $45.00 per class. If you have already signed up for courses, we will provide a refund of the difference in fees.

For more information about BFU, check out our new Bastiat Free University summary page. This is a short review on the Bastiat Free University philosophy.

For those of you that are webmasters, you probably are way ahead of us. You may want to look at our version of the 404 page, it is a pity to waste our dead links. Let us know how we can improve Bastiat University for our students.

I have thrown a link to the left, but if you have not looked at our C. F. Bastiat page, it is getting easier to read. The information is valuable, you just have to get past my design limitations.

Our twice weekly Chapel messages have gotten back to the basics. If you want some basic Christianity, drop in. If you want a different take on the design / evolution debate check out our Rector's opinion.

And finally, Doug Casey, a best selling author and inspiration for one of our graduate level courses, has re-released a classic article. This was written prior to the new millennium, and has been reasonably accurate. Doug speaks of the sweeping changes enveloping us, he does not give direct predictions. His work is more valuable in that he realizes limitations. He is frequently early, and often right, I have followed him for decades and find his work useful.

Both a bit early and often right are important if you wish to protect your future.

As I understand Doug's article, I may need to duck;

or move.




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