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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Will the Ivy League hate BFU?


Not for a very long time.

To be realistic, we are offering a service to a select clientèle. Those that want wisdom and understanding more than the status of a specialized degree from a prestige college are likely to be a rare breed. Of course not everyone can afford a prestige university, both for the time and the money. Many can't afford the dubious distinction of a state college.

When a modern someone says "education is important," they usually mean a degree is important. The more status the school has, the more important the "education." Our society has placed so much emphases on the trappings of educational prestige that learning itself has been relegated to an afterthought. We think education is important too. The most important investment you will ever make is in yourself. What
you learn will be of assistance to you for the rest of your life.

Gain actionable knowledge, gain it soon.

Keep acquiring wisdom and understanding all of your life. Even if the society you live in collapses, you will still retain what you know.

There are at least two reasons not to go to Bastiat Free University. (1) Someone else will pay for you to party until you decide to grow up. (2) You have guaranteed promotions waiting at the family business when you graduate.

There are at least three reasons to study at Bastiat Free University. (1) Study at no charge. (2) If you want a degree, it is affordable, in time and money. (3) You can learn as much as you wish without wasting your life studying required schlep you may never use.

If you find you need that schlep, come back and get it.

BFU is about learning. A quaint thought, going to school to learn. You are not choosing BFU to impress someone with it's history. You are not going to BFU because of it's winning sports franchise. Heck, you are not going to BFU because you like us.

You go to Bastiat Free University
for yourself!

Take a look around, see if there is anything of value to you. If you see some way we can serve that we have missed, tell us.

Start a business, become a consultant, seek new information. Learn.

Do it for yourself this time!


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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Monetize It!


Here you are a proud owner of a high school degree. Or maybe you dropped out last year.

Now what?

If you are one of the few that KNOWS what they want to do. Do it!

If you have a dozen people telling you what to do, and don't care yourself; start a business.

Take the thing you are most passionate about, then figure out how to make money at it. Start the business, then find and ingest all the knowledge available about that subject.

The best way to learn about business is not by going to school, it is by starting a business, and trying to make it profitable.

An exception might be if your passion is something like clothing. Get a job with a rags merchant, then work hard and get into management. In a couple of years you will understand the business, how to drive a profit and loss statement, and how to gauge demand.

Then start your own business.

If you are still in school, at any level, start your business on the web. There is less regulation, there are less tax problems, it is less expensive to start; and easier to start again if the first efforts fail. Keep trying.

At BFU we have a great deal of free learning resources you can use to help you get started. At Silent Partner we have more educational materials available, like this article on financial freedom. Use this free information to keep your start up costs low.

If you want to start fast, spend a small amount of money and get some good software, such as this for a home or small business.

If you already have a web presence, check the power of your site here. Now figure out how to make all that traffic you built pay. As we academics say; monetize it.

Do it for yourself.

Do it now!


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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Do it for yourself this time

What do you play at?

Where do your passions take you when your mind is at rest?

How much of your time is dedicated to what is important to you?

If you are like most people you have spent your life, and you are spending your life, pleasing others.

If you had the ability, where and how would you spend your time?

Are these day dreams for a responsible adult? Those around you who care about you should be happier when you are happy. If they are not, perhaps they are confused on their priorities. Get your own priorities straight. Study and discover what you enjoy. Investigate how to become more involved with your passion. Live your own life, and all around you will benefit.

If BFU can be of help, use our course material in your self expansion exercise. Live your life to its fullest.

Become what you want to become. Learn what you want by studying what you want. Educate yourself for yourself.

Read a book, take a course, or talk to a successful person in the area you desire to excell.

Start today.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Interesting times

You have heard it quoted as an ancient Chinese, Arabic, or Celtic curse; "May you live in interesting times." All societies may have said it. The fact is these are interesting times.

We are at the end of several ages. Society and it's accepted framework are about to go through major changes, and many structural institutions we have considered absolute will vanish like vapor. The transition has already started, but the realignment may take decades or centuries.

historically it is easy to talk of the impact of the fall of an empire, or the arrival of new technologies. We are in the middle of hundreds of changes, most declining having a corresponding ascending; and the whole of change tearing at the interlocked pieces, This is one confusing puzzle.

You have a choice. You can ignore your world evolving around you, or you can educate yourself to recognize change and deal with it. The two mental pictures would be of flood victims for the first, surfers for the second.

There are some big waves coming, you risk wipeout either way, but you have some control with the second; and a lot more fun.

At BFU we hope you will learn from the free instruction we provide. Learn to surf change, the waves are a part of our lives, and they are getting bigger.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Register for classes


We are not yet done building the site, but you can still register and look over the class requirements.

You may want to start at the start; but since freedom is one of our driving forces, do what you want. If you want to go straight to the free registration page and sign up, go for it. If you want to look us over a bit after that, go back to the introduction.

By June 15, 2005 there should be 5 courses available in each college; Business, Human Interaction, Liberty, and Theology. By our Grand opening on the 29th of June the class structure and requirements will be stabilized and we will start adding more classes.

Once registered, download some class material, or consider acquiring some of the course books. Your purpose is to learn; you know you; use our resources to assist your style. You will notice that we use inexpensive, generally available books; find them used if you can.

Enjoy the journey.


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Monday, May 16, 2005

Lets Get this University rollin'

Welcome home,

Bastiat Free University will have it's Grand Opening June 29, 2005, Bastiat's 204th birthday.

Bastiat Free University has colleges of Business, Human Interaction, Liberty, and a School of Theology. We plan on growing quickly, hook up and enjoy the ride.

If all you desire is to learn, the course material is available at no cost, free. We will give you the wealth of centuries, comprised of knowledge, at your fingertips. If you desire a diploma, there are inexpensive options to complete course work and get your degree. Our goal is to provide you with cost appropriate learning.

This blog will have to be secondary to the construction of the site, but we will give you updates if you wish to use the RSS feed at the bottom of the page. After construction is complete we will give occasional updates on new classes and opportunities. To add a BFU RSS feed to your "My Yahoo," bloglines, MSN, or other on demand 24/7 RSS reader; copy and paste this link:


We will be playing with this blog's design over the next week or two, so expect some changes. Please bookmark us now and visit us during construction. ;>)

Enjoy Life!

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