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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Will the Ivy League hate BFU?


Not for a very long time.

To be realistic, we are offering a service to a select clientèle. Those that want wisdom and understanding more than the status of a specialized degree from a prestige college are likely to be a rare breed. Of course not everyone can afford a prestige university, both for the time and the money. Many can't afford the dubious distinction of a state college.

When a modern someone says "education is important," they usually mean a degree is important. The more status the school has, the more important the "education." Our society has placed so much emphases on the trappings of educational prestige that learning itself has been relegated to an afterthought. We think education is important too. The most important investment you will ever make is in yourself. What
you learn will be of assistance to you for the rest of your life.

Gain actionable knowledge, gain it soon.

Keep acquiring wisdom and understanding all of your life. Even if the society you live in collapses, you will still retain what you know.

There are at least two reasons not to go to Bastiat Free University. (1) Someone else will pay for you to party until you decide to grow up. (2) You have guaranteed promotions waiting at the family business when you graduate.

There are at least three reasons to study at Bastiat Free University. (1) Study at no charge. (2) If you want a degree, it is affordable, in time and money. (3) You can learn as much as you wish without wasting your life studying required schlep you may never use.

If you find you need that schlep, come back and get it.

BFU is about learning. A quaint thought, going to school to learn. You are not choosing BFU to impress someone with it's history. You are not going to BFU because of it's winning sports franchise. Heck, you are not going to BFU because you like us.

You go to Bastiat Free University
for yourself!

Take a look around, see if there is anything of value to you. If you see some way we can serve that we have missed, tell us.

Start a business, become a consultant, seek new information. Learn.

Do it for yourself this time!


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