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Thursday, May 29, 2008

an anti-bureaucratic manifesto

Sixteen realities of this new era.

This started as a module in my Bureaucrat Tipping lens, but seems too cumbersome to remain there. I'm loath to throw it out without putting it somewhere we can find it, so it will sit in the archives of the BFU Weekly Journal.

Unless of course it gets enough comments to justify working on it some more.

A week later I've decided to build a Squidoo lens around this idea; go ahead and visit Netcohort Manifesto.

an anti-bureaucratic manifesto
  1. Humanity is composed of individuals.
  2. Every functioning individual is better equipped to determine what is best for themselves than any other person.
  3. The "one size fits many" bureaucratic age is over - it ain't coming back.
  4. the world is still full of bureaucratic age misfits believing it is their calling to run the lives of others. Their world is shrinking, and in some cases imploding.
  5. The technologically empowering age of the individual has begun; individuals are starting to self-tailor their own lives.
  6. The social axiom with the greatest potential -- Do as you wish; without harming others and their rights to do as they wish.
  7. If you so tailor your life so as to optimize opportunities for yourself and those you love, everyone benefits.
  8. A life well lived is a disruptive technology.
  9. Any exchange of loyalties is an ongoing negotiation. Individuals can choose where and why to direct their loyalty, and when to remove it.
  10. Loyalty is now born of respect, not of position. If you are posturing for position, any loyalty perceived as gained is ephemeral.
  11. Respect, or lack thereof, is reciprocal. Now is the time to change the equilibrium point with those important to you.
  12. Institutions that seek quality relationships with their constituents are destined to find like measure to what they uniquely offer.
  13. Too big -- a balloon waiting for a pin.
  14. Too small -- the first step to success. Creative "too small" organizations and individuals are a pin box.
  15. In fast paced technology environments what you know is far more important than where you learned it.
  16. Your capabilities and character are becoming far more important than organizational position or certificates.
This was a good start, do you have an idea to add to the list?

Perhaps some speculative fiction showing human rights hacktivism will better portray these ideas?

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