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Saturday, February 17, 2007

You And Your Human Creativity

It seems to us better to work without apparent reward for a valuable learning concept that will eventually succeed than to reap rewards from the archaic educational structure that is set to collapse.

It would probably be fairly easy to develop another web referral site sending prospective students to bureaucratic colleges to earn college degrees of diminishing value. It would also be a disservice to those students that have already had their creativity crushed in the lower grades to imply there is great value in continuing their formal education.

For most of us formal schooling teaches and honors material that does not reflect our personal abilities and potential - robbing us of both our passions and our self esteem.

For you in particular we hope to re-awaken that innovative spirit and love of learning you had as a child before educational systems pounded them out of you. The tool we are fashioning to assist your personal renewal is BFU.

There are three axioms for achieving success:

  • Focus - that is why we are winding down ventures that do not relate to BFU

  • Persist - With our head start we should be fine once the world discovers BFU; probably as we come out of an expected "greater depression."

If we wander off we will never see this dream realized - we must maintain focus and persist to become meaningful to you in a significant way.

There are lots of online college degree programs; but only one Bastiat Free University.


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Friday, February 16, 2007

Longevity, aging and your continuing education

"Education is the best provision for old age." - Aristotle

If you are an inquisitive kid, or like myself entering your second childhood, continuing education will keep your brain working and your body healthier. Unfortunately in modern western societies graduation is frequently seen as the end of learning.

A dismayingly large number of those leaving the bureaucratic educational system never pick up another book, even fewer will read a non-fiction book to increase their knowledge.It seems modern education beats the love of learning out of the child and leaves an adult crippled with a distaste for pursuing knowledge.

School is not about learning. Schools distribute information and check for short term retention. Learning is something you do for yourself - education is something done to you, sometimes by your agreement.
Learning takes information, applies thought and action, and creates long term useful knowledge.

You will add years to your life and health to your body by continuing your education - even in a formal educational environment. Far better of course is to rediscover the joys of self-directed learning found in pursuing your passions.

The search for and discovery of actionable knowledge that relates to your personal choices will add meaning to continuing education while lengthening and enhancing your life.

Go back to your own created version of school - do it for yourself this time.


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